This customer had just purchased his HP Pavilion with a 2.66Ghz P4 Processor, 512MB of DDR memory, 60GB hard drive, and built-in 802.11b, blueooth, and DVD/CD-RW drive. He wanted to be able to somehow use his laptop for his in car computer. The solution we provided was a HP docking station that was on a black sliding tray that hung from the rear deck lid. This tray slid out and allowed the customer to dock/undock the laptop and then slide the tray back and lock it into place. We are planning on using more of the rear deck lid slide out tray in other vehicles for both laptops and a stationary tray for our mini pc's. The laptop has two hardware setups. The first hardware setup boots the laptop normally and the second loads all the I.M.M.E. hardware. Some of the technology used in this solution are a 7" VGA touch screen monitor, shuttle RF remote control, mini USB keyboard, voice recognition, and we developed a custom interface for this customer.