Next Technologies is proud to introduce the NextBox mobile solution developed using IMME Technology. Integrated Mobile Media Environments (IMME) bring together the best technologies that are currently availiable to create the most advanced mobile computing solutions availiable in the telematics industry today. The NextBox solution allows drivers to navigate and operate a variety of technologies previously only availiable to home PC users. IMME technology, applied through our various NEXTBox platforms provides the solution to consumer demand for telematic devices that are scalable, upgradeable, and customizable. A NEXTBox platform coupled with a flat panel touch screen monitor and a voice recognition system creates a simple to use interface that allows you ways to navigate around the computing environment that you never thought possible. Some of the NEXTBox's functions include, but are not limited to, Media Player, DVD, Wireless Internet, Voice-Recognition, Navigation controlled through GPS, and Mobile Area Networking. These state-of-the-art features, combined with the best business and entertainment tools, allow the NEXTBox platforms to seamlessly integrate into any automotive computing environment. The world of technology is ever changing and therefore so is Next Technologies. Check back frequently to see what new services we are offering and what new technologies we have integrated into the IMME Interface.

Recent News:
The NextBox solution has been installed and configured on the first laptop system. IMME interface was installed onto a HP Pavilion and the laptop connects by way of a docking station on a slide out tray that is hanging from the rear deck lid in the trunk of a 2002 BMW M3. Click here for more info!