NEXT Technologies, LLC. is dedicated to the pursuit of excellency in the development of Integrated Mobile Media Environment products and technologies. As the mobile technology industry evolves, we will establish the innovative link between your home, office, and lifestyle. The nature of competition ensures attempted imitation, and through the deliverance and perpetual development of our proprietary IMME technology, we will keep our customers on the forefront of the Next developments in technology.

Next Technologies, LLC is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology and supplying that technology to the consumer in an easy to use intuitive platform. That platform is the NextBox solution and it creates an Integrated Mobile Media Environment that allows entertainment, telematics, communication and navigation all to converge on a single platform.


NEXT Technologies is dedicated to the development and production of the Integrated Mobile Media Environment and the range of it's flexible customization capacity. Our mission is to expedite growth and profitability through innovations ahead.

Future of Automotive/Mobile Technology Industry:

The Next evolution of computing and information technology is here. Automakers, software, and hardware manufacturers have begun developing new technologies and alliances in their attempt to grasp a piece of the telematics market. The consumer is demanding integration amongst parallel devices and access to these items on the go. The vision of Next Technologies is to remain an innovator in this field and to continue to provide them with the NEXT Technology first.


The core skill sets employed by the leadership of NEXT TEchnologies focus on software/hardware solutions, integration, and transportation. With backgrounds in software development, information systems, economic and trend analysis, and wireless technologies. The team of directors at NEXT Technologies has positioned themselves to remain pioneers in this emerging industry for years to come.